I think there are fewer things more sad than a failed soup recipe. The only thing I can think of that is sadder by far is a failed baked good, because at least with soup you can sadly pour the mess down the drain and forget about it, whereas with a baked good you have to throw it into your compost pail and every time you open the lid it sits there and looks up at you sadly and reminds you of the failure you are.

Erm. Which is to say: don’t be tempted to use frozen butternut squash in a recipe that calls for fresh. Even when the store has no squash left and you really want to try that soup. Just leave it for another day. Another squash.

It wasn’t that bad, really, but it was too thin and became even more watery after a bout in the freezer.

But! If you’re me you already have two other soups hanging around in the fridge, so at least you only need to heat up another batch, and dinner is saved.

And! Now you have the excuse to try out another recipe. I’m eyeballing these: